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Both you and your child will get fit, learn self defense, overcome challenges, and have fun...together.

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See for yourself. Here’s what our members had to say:

A great way to bond with my children. Plus I've gained strength and coordination.

I am finding that it is a great way to bond with my children. Having 2 black belt candidates in the home doesn't hurt either. I also have enjoyed the conditioning, strength and coordination I have gained over the last few months. I often find myself telling others all about my experience and what a great opportunity it is for busy adults.

Angie Demers

An excellent way to bond with my three boys - and I feel more fit and less stressed.

I started Kuk Sool training a little over three years ago primarily as a way to spend time with my three boys who were involved with the program. It has been an excellent way to bond with them, but has also turned out to be a great experience for me personally.

I’ve noticed a definite reduction in my stress level through the physical and mental discipline the training provides. I feel my health has improved markedly along with self confidence. The teaching is holistic and encompasses mind and body, flexibility and strength, precision and endurance, resulting in a well rounded workout.

I would highly encourage anyone at any age to try Kuk Sool.

Evan R.

Whatever our mood or energy is before class, my son and I agree that after family class we always feel much better!


The pace is perfect for both of us (my daughter and me)!

It was always a fantasy of mine to take a martial arts class with my daughter. I was thrilled when she came home, having heard about it from her friend, asking if we could do it together. The pace is perfect for both of us (very young and very old)!

Mark R.

Thank you for everything you've given us

Thank you for everything you've given us through Kuk Sool and otherwise up until now.

As I've expressed before, KSW and you have changed our lives, especially mine and my son’s in incredibly positive and life affirming ways.


Kuk Sool has been such a great experience for both my child and me, and I'm so grateful for your mentorship.

Suzanne W.

Here’s What You Can Expect in Every Single Class

The Most High-Energy and Fun 45 Minutes of Your Day.

Our classes are 45-minutes long, making them super convenient if you have a busy schedule (and who doesn’t!).

But those 45 minutes are PACKED with energy, fun, and excitement. You’ll learn and perform powerful martial arts techniques, getting you in shape, and letting out stress.

Plus, it’s great bonding time. Both you and your kids are encountering the same challenges, so you support and motivate each other to overcome obstacles, and stay on track.

Powerful Self-Defense & Fun Fitness.

In every class you’ll learn fun, exciting techniques like throws, kicks, strikes, how to fall, how to get away, and more.

Plus: We throw in lots of fun, body-strengthening conditioning that gets you fit, energized, coordinated, and strong.

Kids 2nd Grade+ Train With Mom & Dad. Kids Under 2nd grade Train Separately.

We’ve found that kids under 2nd Grade really need their own curriculum. For kids in Kindergarten and 1st grade, please register through the Kids Martial Arts page. Pre-school aged kids should sign-up through our Kinder Kicks page.

But if your child is 2nd Grade or older, they’ll perform the same moves and exercises that you do. We’ve found that 2nd Grade+ year olds are ready for it.

Martial arts also builds focus, discipline, and respect in children - helping them both at school and at home.

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*We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!